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Cheesecake Factory! [14 Oct 2004|10:44pm]
Hot damn. So I went out with some friends again tonight, and as I said last entry we went to The Cheesecake Factory, (Whole restaurant btw!) and it was fucking aweeeeeeeeesome. We walked in and I felt like I just stepped out of boring-city Sacramento. The place was a happening, upscale environment with quite a snazzy decor. Almost like a private club. The prices are great for how much(holy shit) and how good(holy shit) the food is. I actually didn't like my main meal as much as I thought I would, but some of the stuff my friends ordered looked fucking delicious. (They have over 200 main-course meals and 20+ appetizers which could feed 3) But I think I landed home on the cheesecake. That was the best fucking dessert I have ever had. EVER. Chocolate-chip peanut butter cookie dough cheese-fucking-cake! Holy shit, that was good! My bill, including $15 tip split 5 ways, was only like 21 bucks. Mind you, this will also be my meal over the weekend with how much they friggin' give you.

But boy, I have eaten like total shit this week as far as i'm concerned. And I even have leftover cheesecake i'll have to finish, and homecoming dance tomorrow which may result in my eating more terrible food for me. But hey, my abs are still there! God knows how i'm going to workout tonight though. I may be going a mile a minute mentally, but physically...er, I don't want to stand up and find out.

My mom must have thought I was drunk or something. I came in making no sense. I have never had so much sugar in one sitting. It's like my body is totally not used to that much of a sugar intake(I don't even drink soda) and in spiked through the roof. But uh, yeah. I'll definately be going back there.

Ok! Gonna go waste a few horus so my food digests and I can work out!

Edit: You might say that cheesecake was...orgasmic!?

Oh yeah. It must be insane how much the waiters/waitresses make in tips...I mean ou bill was $95 and we put down a $15 tip, which isn't even 20%, and that place is packed. We had to wait an hour just to get a table.
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[08 Oct 2004|10:52pm]
Many many many SF pics behind LJ cut. Compressed the images to help out the 56kers, but there's alot. This will probably kill my bandwidth...if it does i'll just upload them somewhere else. Really, I just want people to get an idea of the city i'm oh so in love with.


Click to see all pictures + captions.Collapse )

I actually have over 50 more photos at least and a short video(Go Alex!) I might randomly throw in on entries now and then...lots of awesmome pictures.

So anyway, my friend Alex picked me up for school today and we went to his house afterwards to watch this Japanese horror movie with a few other friends - the second movie, anyway. The first one's actually coming out to theatres here soon, but it's completely redone and renamed "The Grudge". Not sure how that works exactly, everyone was replaced by American actors and stuff.

Anywho, we went to Fresh Choice for dinner with 3 other friends, and for my friend Andy's birthday. Have I mentioned before how much I love this place? Didn't eat much all day to prep up for a big meal...and boy, did I have a big meal. $$ Heh. Afterwards we hit the mall and looked around a few shops, and most of us didn't leave empty handed. I actually picked up a CD player for 15 bucks with this $25 gift certificate I have for the mall that I got for my birthday. Heh, 15 bucks seems pretty cheap, but I don't need anything elaborate.

Friends being able to drive friends = awesome.
Not having to rely on parents = awesomer.
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[03 Oct 2004|10:31pm]
So my friends Andy and Alex treated me to dinner at the Old Spaghetti factory tonight for my birthday. It was pretty good, but their shakes were crap. A McDonalds shake would have tasted better. But it's cool, i'll know not to get a shake at an Italian restaurant next time. (Tasted like chocolate water) Heh, my friend Andy blurted out, "Hey, and now that i'm saying it's your birthday, you can have people come sing and embarrass you" when the waitress was by, or something to that effect. So when they brought out the cup of ice cream for desert some staff sung happy birthday and a few other customers around joined in. Fun times, and good prices. Ssalad/main course/drink/ice cream for just 10 bucks.

Bed time.
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[03 Oct 2004|12:15am]
I so need to move to that city.

San Francisco was amazing, as it always is.

So where do I start? We ended up not even getting there until 3 p.m. due to the fact that my mom doesn't know how to set her alarm clock an hour (or three) earlier. Within a few weeks though, my friends and I can legally go up there alone. But anyway, yeah, the car ride was extremely cramped because we had 6 people in a 5-seater with my sister in the trunk area. That sounds strange, but i'm too tired to explain.

So we finally get there, and me Andy/Alex just bail out of the car and leave the parking to my mom, her boyfriend, and my sister. We found this awesome bridge in Chinatown to eat our lunch at. We walked around Chinatown for a bit and Alex bought a few VCDs. You can get alot of stuff in Chinatown for probably about a 4th of what you'd pay regularly, and generally it's of similar quality. Of coruse, buyer beware. Anyway, I wanted to go to Fisherman's Wharf(big expensive tourist attraction but fun nonetheless), so we went there and ended up going on a friggin mini-cruise around Alcatraz island in the bay. It was this fairly small, more personalized boat that must have held a total of 30 people or so at 10 bucks a person. But we got seats at the very top where only 8 were allowed, and I got to sit in the friggin captain's chair the whole time. We also met these two nice girls up there. One was from Mississipi, and she was just blown away by how amazing SF is. The motion of the boat, the wind, the scenery...that was so fucking worth it. When we got back about 40 minutes later the nightly fog had already started to roll in which made for some killer scenics while on the boat.

*Paragraph break* So when we got back we went back to Chinatown, and by now it was about 7:30, but half the damn shops closed up already, which is strange, considering how packed the place still is even until 3 am. We took a look at a few more shops, then went to this Sushi bar where you choose this sushi from these mini boats which flow by on water while the chef stands in the center and prepares it. It was good, but I'd definately go to alot of other places over that the next time I go. (soon) Next time I go I think I want to get some obnoxiously expensive seafood. They were also filming this movie right outside the restaurant we were eating. No idea really on what movie or anything, but there was this huge croud gathered around. No matter what time or where, stuff is always happening all over the place in SF. I really can't describe how amazing this city is.

Anywho, by now it was almost 9 and we were on our way out. Stopped and got some hot chocolate at Starbucks(first time i've even been to a Starbucks...ironic considering there's like 300 of them in SF alone) And the ride back blew royally because my ass was all cramped up. The hot chocolate wasn't anything special.

Thinking back on it, i'm looking foward to getting there WAY earlier and getting alot more done next time. I didn't really get a chance to buy anything I was looking for, other than a pair of glvoes for a buck in Chinatown because my hands were cold. We didn't realize all the stuff would be closed up so soon in Chinatown, and we didn't really get that much done. But it was still damned fun, and I cannot wait to go back. The culture in that city is just amazing. I don't think there's any other place like that in the U.S. I asked my frien Andy to compare it to New York, and he said NY is just "Taller buildings, smells worse, and no culture."

My friend got over 100 pictures which he's gonna uplaod soon, so as soon as that's done i'll post a link or something. When my friend Jordan went there on vacation from Salt lake City, he said everyone was so mean. But there were so many people who offered to take our pictures and stuff and *didn't* run off with our camera afterwards! Heh. Maybe he means when driving? that I can understand. Driving there is...hell.

Hey, look, it's my birthday.

Oh yeah...I worked out in the morning instead of at night and it's like the world got lifted off my shoulders because I didn't have to worry about doing it all day. I wonder if I could make that work on weekdays - finding time to workout in the morning. Or find a way to actually enjoy working out. It's ironic how I hate doing it, but if I didn't i'd just obsess more about my body composition and get depressed because i'd lose muscle.

It's funny. My mom was under the impression I was going there with 20 dollars while I infact have over 100 saved up. Boy, if she knew that, I wouldn't have a dime. When she found out I had 20 dollars she preceeded to promptly "borrow" it. She gave it back to me a few days later, sure. Then "borrowed" it back the very next day! As I understand, what she/her boyfriend did royally sucked compared to the fun we had. (wandering around with no money) Call me an ass, but they deserve it. If they're gonna blow all their money on bagels, donuts, juice, and other crap before we even leave for SF, well...anyway. I'm being an ass, right?

What we did today though wasn't even the tip of the tip of the icerberg of all there is to do in San Francisco.
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[14 Aug 2004|11:41am]
Ended up seeing Collateral. I kept telling my friends AVP would suck, but all I got was "but it's alien versus predator!" No shit? After they read the reviews and realized it's PG-13 they said fuck it, heh. But Collateral was pretty damn good - there were a few points in the movie I really agreed with, and the primary action scene was killer....no pun intended.

Afterwards we went to Johny Rockets at the mall, this 60s-ish restaurant. Fun little place, waiters are always nice, and you can pay a nickle to line up a song on these mini juke-boxes at every table. Food wasn't bad, and the shakes were great. On the way there we considered going to The Cheesecake Factory that opened recently which is in the mall area too, but decided it's probably a bit much more money than couple of teenagers with no jobs were willing to pay. I'll have to check that place out another day.

I get to be creative with breakfast tomorrow...what can you do with a banana, hot dog buns, potato mix, and peanut butter?

Edit: Holy shit, the first the first public entry in two years! I'm thinking making this public again...some of it. Some of you know my reasons why I don't, but, well - there are reasons.
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[20 Jul 2004|12:29am]
Every morning and every night lately I've found myself wasting hours of time looking at people I wish I could meet, places i wish I were, and things I wish I had.

Ever tried holding yourself in a parallel position to the floor with your stomach facing the ceiling while you wash your hair in the shower? I work out every night, and would do even more excercises but I don't like to waste time doing it regardless. So, I figure, two birds with one stone, right? You're waiting for something to load up on your computer. Drop both arms to your sides and hold yourself in a position with the only body parts touching anything are your hands, holding you up with your legs crossed. Or practice your stretching in the shower! Quirks? What?

I just got up to wash my cup in the kitchen but I forgot my cup.

Ever almost brush your teeth with shaving cream?


It's amazing how much this little box can get you. I mean, places you've never seen and may never visit all in your own little room. But, of course - it's never the real thing.

I wrote the above 40 minutes ago, but then got sidetracked and looked at sunglasses online for 40 minutes. I told myself i'd be in the shower by 12:30 tonight, and in bed by 1 am, even if I don't fall asleep for two hours afterwards. Hah, goodnight.
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[02 Jul 2002|04:24pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Edit concerning anyone who sees this as my latest entry.

It's not. My LJ is friends only. If for whatever reason you want to see my updates, contact me.
**As of June 2004** I'd like to put this on regular, but yeah. I have my reasons. This update is two years old, every entry since this point has actually had a bit more of a point. Again, drop a line if you want me to add you.


I can see that the dark side seethes within you, and your will is quite strong. For one such as you, the path of the Sith is not one you should take. But, as a dark side devotee, you will become more powerful in the dark side than you can even imagine. You will rule the weak and the frightened with a cruel hand, and carve your dreaded name across entire planets.

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[30 Jun 2002|07:55pm]
*Is buying the Vagrant Story soundtrack for fiteen bucks*
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[27 Jun 2002|07:46pm]
SmackDown in 10.
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[22 Jun 2002|08:45pm]

angels descended from Heaven, each
putting a piece of themselves
into those
who would follow them....
Which Angel rests inside
Challenge their trial to
find out.

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[18 Jun 2002|11:23am]

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[17 Jun 2002|04:22pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I'm gonna buy a $30 talking Monkey.

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[16 Jun 2002|03:50pm]
I need to take a piss.
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[12 Jun 2002|06:35pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

My Hamburger's cold cuz the microwave is broken.


On another note, I graduated today.

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[10 Jun 2002|08:10pm]
[ mood | blank ]

*grumble* the power!

Find out what anime bad boy you are.

Wow, what an arrogant ass! You're a rather large jerk...at least on the outside. You really aren't as evil as you may have once been, but you can still make people feel like crap. Fix that attitude mister, and I'm sure you'll still be adored by the women...probably even more so.

Actually have to go to school tomorrow for Graduation Rehearsal. Ah, won't be more than 1 1/2 hours.
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[06 Jun 2002|03:18pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

*Ponders the thought of wearing a top hat, tuxedo, and carrying a pimp cane to graduation*

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[05 Jun 2002|04:46pm]
[ mood | blank ]


I act like I'm 20.
This test was brought to you by David - Part of the David and James phenomenon. Take it here.

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[03 Jun 2002|04:47pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

:: how jedi are you? ::

Edit: Retook that, completely different result. ...Maybe it was my mood?

:: how jedi are you? ::

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[03 Jun 2002|01:15pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I'm a Tiger!

Somewhat of a loner, you prefer to remain hidden

in the background, quietly observing others. Still, this doesn't mean

you aren't a force to be reckoned with - heaven help

anyone who rubs you the wrong way!

I am absolutely soulless!

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[02 Jun 2002|05:47pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Eh, i'll probably miss the greater portion of my second-to-last week of school cuz of these Chicken Pox.

Least they're not itchy.

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